Whether you’re seeking a T-shirt, jeans, shirts, trousers, caps, woven label, or even samples of printing and embroidery, samples play a crucial role in ensuring the coherence and viability of your original idea.

Samples, while invaluable, come with an associated cost. Crafting these specialized clothing pieces demands both time and skilled labor, contributing to their relatively higher expense.

Upon receiving your sample or counter sample, and even during the preliminary stages of ordering, feel free to engage with us. Should you have any queries about potential pricing adjustments or the impact on timelines due to design modifications, our team is here to provide insightful guidance. Our aim is to collaborate with you to arrive at solutions that align with your preferences and meet the needs of your clientele.

For your initial order, first-time samples incur product charges as well as courier fees. Subsequent orders, however, grant you complimentary clothing samples. These initial costs reflect your commitment to the endeavor.

How about considering a prototype?

A prototype represents a distinct and inaugural version of your design. It is developed independently of bulk orders and is subject to a separate cost.

It’s important to note that a prototype might not match the exact fabric or color of your preference. Instead, it is crafted from available stock fabric at the time of order, presenting a limited range of choices.

Ultimately, both samples and prototypes serve as invaluable tools in refining your vision and ensuring that your final product aligns with your expectations and objectives. We’re here to guide you through these processes and help you make informed decisions that lead to the best outcomes for your venture.

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