Yoga Wears (Athletic Clothing)

YOGA is the exercise done for relief and calmness of the mind and heart as well as the other body benefits that can make you flexible practising tolerance and patience. The devotion taken towards the rest of the mind is always key to calmness.

For yoga practice is always recommended with the flexible and stretching dress as different poses are to be practiced. every part of your body has to be moved in such a way the  gathered calmness can be flowed and ends in activeness. The fabric used must be sweat absorbing and light in weight that the people practicing feel complete relaxation from all aspect.

At present yoga has been a very common practice to get rid of different tensions and stresses and even to get a fit and flexible body. From children to old age such practice has been so in trend that it has become a house hold need too. Among the entire task we daily practice the time that is essential for ourselves we recommend yoga classes or the daily yoga practice in any corner of your house. It really has been so trend that the children yoga was found necessary that from the childhood a person should be habitual of such activities so far as the body should also accept such healthy practices.

So far as trend tends to lie towards the importance of yoga due to many of its benefits such as stress relief pain relief better breathing flexibility increased strength weight management improved circulation of blood focusing meditation inner peace and many more. But these are the internal benefits why don’t we come to the point to get the internal as well as external benefits such as clothing.

If yoga clothing has always been your problem then believe us there is no more problems at all


Yoga wears has been a question for many of the new practitioners as well, the old one where the thinking about flexibility and comfort is there. As the trend is so swift as horse the needs are also arising the same speed. New researches are made for this concern so that we are also concerning and keen to make something innovative but comforting for all our customers.

Yoga clothing is important part of cloth markets and a heavy stock is there for all age’s clothes. Female male’s children old age all kind of wears  are there but for all the important thing is your comfort level. Remember one thing that you are going to yoga for relaxation and to feel free, your cloths should allow free actions. Tight fitting dress or cloths restrict your body position and they can obstruct or block blood circulation. Prefer loose cloths as they can pass air easily so u can feel free and fresh.

Now come to the hot issue the designs. We deal in clothes from fabrics to last colour coated from structure to its final look we find ourselves responsible to win the heart of our customers. So that different designs are created to make customers happy. For women half sleeve sleeveless tops and full sleeve are designed up to there comfort level. The pants are so tighter that it feels your own skin and no doubt nothing can give you better option other than your own skinny tight clothes which are not the cause of irritation and give you a smooth feeling.

We love comfort and to be comfortable when positioning our body to difficult yoga postures. How much flexible you will be the better moves you can perform to get full benefit from the healthy practice you adopt to make yourself fit. When you dream of everything so fit during this exercise then the compromise over the needs of the comfortable and absorbent clothes. so far  functional yoga clothes are very important.

LETS talk about the shirts and tops.for women the tops must be that fitted that can not restrict any movement and resist to be flexible. the pants and leggings must be tighter but not that you cant move to down or other directions. Moreover it should not be so loose that you will be busy in taking it up and in spite of the yoga postures you are to perform such poses.

Our designed yoga clothes are full of the demands that you can make to any dealer or manufacturer. We give you comforting benefits nad also the price to your budgets that your stylish looks are not your dreams only but the reality.

if you talk about tops, trouser pants, cotton  yoga shorts, leggings, jacket its great to make you fit in our great collections

*our clothes allows free movement of different body parts in a variety of stretch and twist poses.
*The fabric of yoga wears sweats absorbent so that it does not stick to your body during your practice.
*our clothes are right fitting, neither too tight nor loose.
*The fabric of yoga clothes is so soft so that your skin does not get rashes and other problems.
*Yoga clothes are also be pleasing to eyes as it boosts your enthusiasm for the practice.

What we provide you, are:

Yoga tank shirts

For those who practice yoga on a daily basis then having a comfortable outfit of yoga clothes is pertinent. These yoga clothes are available for all kind of sizes and shapes of people. In addition, you will also find that most yoga clothes are available from children to older aged people. These yoga clothes have long range of variety. The choice of the yoga clothes can depend on your age.

As we claim to provide you with best of OUR services

With all this in mind, we chose such fabrics for our latest range, these fabrics described in detail below.

RAYON LYCRA, SUPPLEX, Merino Wool, Luxtreme Cotton Fleece, PimaCotton, Softshell

We use the best fabric ever and the use of natural cotton as a major ingredient in the clothes allows the practitioner to feel comfortable and at ease during class as well as confident that the clothing maintains its integrity in use.

Our clothes depends on innovative materials used in these garments have been developed from years of needing to meet the highest standards for dancers, fitness professionals and yoga devotees.


Small Pants

Medium Pants

Large Pants













Equivalent Size

2 – 4

4 – 6

8 – 10


Small Top

Medium Top

Large Top





Equivalent Size

2 – 4

4 – 6

8 – 10

Our yoga active wear must emphasis over comfort, functionality and flexibility. Excellence in design goes hand in hand with great yoga clothes.

Keeping all the things in mind a very healthy and profitable deal seems to be deal with us. So far the need is not only restricted to limited seasons we have a large range of all the yoga wears designed and comfort provoking.

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