Basketball Clothing

Basket ball today!!!!!!!!The basketball uniform of today is a very recognizable part of the sport though it would be difficult to recognize the very first uniforms ever used for the sport. The wool outfits would throw off anyone that was not already familiar with the sport’s rich history. Today we have a much better design for the basketball uniform and that works greatly for the way the sport is now played.

Let me mention in the beginning of the sport, the rules for playing an official basketball game were very different from what they are today. For instance, players were not even allowed to dribble the ball back then, but players today are absolutely required to dribble the ball or they would be called for traveling. Try to think about that the next time you see a basketball uniform.

Practice Uniforms

Practice is to get grip on your game but ere we cam with a point that to do practice under the conditions not suitable for you and the major issue can be your basketball shorts. You will say in practice there can be any clothes but it has negative impact on your natural game when you go and play the practice is not that smooth as it can be. In practice you not only perform the basic function and try to remember the rules but practice is how it should be in game. So you should be in your proper wearing in practice too so you can have a better idea of what is going to be in game. so for this purpose we also introduced some practice wears so you can avail all possible opportunities to win the game and easily you can dribble the court jump and make a basket.

We have a product line with your desired features and quality too. The basket ball wears included the shirts /jerseys, shorts and bands. A complete range of all basket gears is available that can make your players feel proud about the design and the smoothness of material too. Basketball is a game that also includes a major feature as style. You often have seen many shorts with impressive designs and also make the same for you as according to NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) the official designs are coded in your basketball wears that make you attractive not only in courts but also off the court.

Look Good, Feel Good

Self confidence is the major key to the game. If a team feel itself low the results will be loosing the game and if your morale is high and you have complete believe on you strengths the results are winning. Here the role played by our team’s strength is also good uniform. Players feel themselves as heroes going to win one more trial such accelerate and boost up the confidence level and you tend to win. Our designs are available in youth and adult sizes. You can purchase basketball practice gear, jerseys and uniform shorts in standard cut sizes or body fit sizes.


We are the professionals in order to fill a blank mind state with thousands of ideas and designs once you ever have. That can inspire your natural game too as unique in looks make you prominent. Do you know that basketball uniform is not made up of too many pieces and it is a pretty simple uniform to explain to someone even though it has changed considerably over the years. Of course the game has also changed just as much. Mostly the Coaches are continually trying to find ways to bring their teams together and getting them all their own basketball uniform may be a way to do that.


Let’s talk about the fabric now. We use 100% polyester fabric for your wears as it give you comfort and the desired fit too. The synthetic fabrics like nylon rayon are also used in making the jersey and shorts.

The basket ball uniform is often in two layers matching or contrasting colors. We also give a high range of colors for these particular sports shorts.



Liga Nacional de Básquetbol
Campeonato Brasileiro de Basquete
NBL Canada: National Basketball League of Canada – first tier
CIS: Canadian Interuniversity Sport – second tier
División Mayor del Básquetbol de Chile
LNBP – Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional (Official website)
Paraguayan Metropolitan Basketball League
 Puerto Rico
BSN – National Superior Basketball (Official website)
South America
Liga Sudamericana – a pan-South American league competition
 United States
Major Professional League
NBA – National Basketball Association (Official website)
Minor Professional Leagues
IBL – International Basketball League (Official website)
NBA D-League – NBA Development League (Official website)
PBL – Premier Basketball League (Official website)
Semi-Professional Leagues
ABA – American Basketball Association (Official website)
Short Season/Local/Regional Semi-Professional Leagues
ACPBL – Atlantic Coast Professional Basketball League
EBA – Eastern Basketball Alliance (Official website)
ESL – Eurobasket Summer League (Official website)
IBEL – Iowa Basketball Exposure League (Official website)
LBL – Louisville Basketball League (Official website)
LHBL – Louisville Hoopfest Basketball League (Official website)
NECBL – North East Chinese Basketball League; an amateur Chinese American basketball league established in August 8, 2008.
ROBI Royal Oaks Basketball Invitational (Official website)
SBL – Southwest Basketball League (Official website)
SBL – Sunday Basketball League (Official website)
SEBL – Summer Basketball League
TPBL – Texas Professional Basketball League
UBA – Ultimate Basketball Association (Official website)
UBA – Universal Basketball Association (Official website)
UBL – United Basketball League (Official website)
WBA – World Basketball Association (Official website)
WCBL West Coast Pro Basketball League (Official website)
GTBA General Tsos Basketball League (Official website)
RCL – Rich City League (Official website)
Liga Uruguaya de Basketball
Liga Profesional de Baloncesto
CBA – Chinese Basketball Association (Official website) – first tier
NBL – National Basketball League – second tier
CUBS – Chinese University Basketball Super League – third tier
CUBA – Chinese University Basketball Association (Official website) – fourth tier
CHBL – China High School Basketball League – fifth tier
 Chinese Taipei
SBL – Super Basketball League (Official website) – first tier
A League – A League – second tier
UBA – University Basketball Alliance (Official website) – third tier
HBL – High School Basketball League (Official website) – fourth tier
NBL – National Basketball League
ISL – Iranian Basketball Super League
BJ League
JBL – Japan Basketball League
AJIBC – All Japan Intercollegiate Basketball Championship
FLBB – Lebanese Basketball League
NBL – National Basketball League (Official website)
PBA – Philippine Basketball Association (Official website) – first tier
LP – Liga Pilipinas (Official website) – second tier
PBA D-League – PBA Developmental League (Official website) – third tier
PCC – Philippine Collegiate Championship (Official website) – fourth tier
South East Asia
ABL – ASEAN Basketball League (Official website)
 South Korea
KBL: Korean Basketball League – first tier
KBL R-League: KBL Reserve League – second tier
KUBL: Korea University Basketball League – third tier
Euroleague – a pan-Europe competition for elite clubs (Official website)
Eurocup – second tier
EuroChallenge – third tier
ÖBL – Österreichische Basketball Bundesliga
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Basketball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina
NBL – National Basketball League
A-1 Liga
 Czech Republic
NBL – Asociace M. Prvoligovych Klubu
LNB – Ligue Nationale de Basketball
BBL – Basketball Bundesliga
HEBA A1 – first tier
HEBA A2 – second tier
Irish Superleague
Ligat HaAl – first tier
Liga Leumit – second tier
Lega Basket A – first tier
Legadue – second tier
LKL – Lietuvos Krepšinio Lyga – first tier
NKL – Nacionalinė Krepšinio Lyga – second tier
RKL – Regioninė Krepšinio Lyga – third tier
LKAL – Lietuvos Krepšinio A Lyga – second tier until 2005
Opportunity League
Dutch Basketball League (Official website) – first tier
FEB Promotiedivisie – second tier
PLK, also known for sponsorship reasons as Tauron Basket Liga
LCB – Portuguese Basketball League
Professional Basketball League – first tier since the 2010–11 season
Basketball Superleague – second tier; was the first tier from 1992–2010
Basketball League of Serbia
1. A SKL, also known for sponsorship reasons as Liga Telemach
ACB – Asociación de Clubes de Baloncesto – first tier
LEB Oro – second tier
LEB Plata – third tier
Liga EBA – fourth tier
Primera División – fifth tier
LNBA – Ligue Nationale de Basket
Turkish Basketball League
 United Kingdom
BBL – British Basketball League
Former Yugoslavia
Yugoslav Basketball League
Subregional leagues:
Liga ABA (also known as Adriatic League) – teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia
Balkan International Basketball League
BBL – Baltic Basketball League – teams from the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plus Sweden
Central European Basketball League
VTB United League – teams from each of the Baltic states, Belarus, Finland, Poland, Russia and Ukraine
NBL – National Basketball League (Official website)
 New Zealand
NBL – National Basketball League (Official website)
 United States
WBCBL – Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League (Official website)
WBA – Women’s Basketball Association (Official research website)
WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association (Official website)
WSBL – Women’s Southwest Basketball League (Official website)
WABA – Women’s American Basketball Association
WCBA – Women’s Chinese Basketball Association – first tier
WCUBS – Women’s Chinese University Basketball Super League – second tier
WCUBA – Women’s Chinese University Basketball Association – third tier
WPBL – Women’s Philippine Basketball League (Official website)
PLKK, also known as Torell Basket Liga for sponsorship reasons (Official website)
LFB – Liga Femenina de Baloncesto
TKBL, the Turkish initialism for Turkish Women’s Basketball League
WNBL – Women’s National Basketball League (Official website)
 New Zealand
WBC – Women’s Basketball Championship (Official website)
Defunct leagues