Saddle Bags

The summer is on the way and you along with your friends planned to go a trip but the luggage is arising the threat for you?on your long drive you find nothing to take but the sky  up and earth down and your useful luggage at home?

In the age of young to the old age many practice the bike riding and enjoy it with all new expensive gears but have you ever take a look to the basic need that you always carry on with you surely your mind will turn towards the need of reliable and strong enough bags in which your needful things can be carried to the desired place without occupying more place and even your time.

Here we go with the reliable ever family member of bags that is saddle bags.

The purchase of your saddle bags requires your attention towards the important points that what kind of luggage you are to carry on. Surely it depends on the destination you assigned your bike to travel on but the capacity of the bags and carried luggage is so important too.

Here we go with some kinds of luggage:

  1. For Soft Luggage your saddle bag must comprise of
    water resistant material
    easily fixable on your bike.
    good enough to carry the small luggage
    temporary fixation on bike

Security level is not so high.

 Hard Luggage

  • Security
  • Reliable in weather changes
  • Flexible to keep semi heavy luggage
  • Long term benefits of carriage

No one can deny the benefits of having motor bikes with you. You along with the carriage can have a lot more fun too. You can travel different places countries counties and anywhere you desire. As fuel is the food for you motorbike your bag plays the roles of placements for the luggage that is essential for your travel.

When it comes to saddle bags there are a couple of key points that we are going to look at. We are going to talk about the mounting of the saddle bag and how to make that work. It depends on how much money you want to spend and what kind of bike you have and also what kind of luggage you are going to put on. The simple throw over zip-on to the built in brackets that can lock-on and are easy to take on this is a great way to keep multiple items concealed in one place so that it is easy to get access to.


OUR production leather is designed specifically for the outdoors and for automotive applications, with a high level of utilization and element resistance.

It has no soft material backing and no die color coating.That means it will never fade or discolor.

Not only is our leather much more durable, it looks 100% like real leather. People even can be confused while checking the quality which can be judged by the touch only. So we use the perfect leather that can emerge a nice sense of durability and relaxation from it.


Purchasing a saddle bag for your motor bike is not tedious task and must not be. It may be made a breeze and fun. Fore mostly, do not forget that quality really should be your prime concern whether it is plastic, metal, leather or no matter what the substance is, you should never compromise on the quality of the product.

Our saddle bags are so considering either be cowhide or synthetic leather. However it is found that people like genuine leather over synthetic leather. The best approach to test the credibility of the leather we give you a nice tip as simple as analyzing the thickness of the leather. This will help you in knowing the standard of the leather.

 Your safety is our first concern so for we provide you an assurance that purchasing our manufactured bags is our guarantee for any travel you make

 The useful feature a saddlebag has is its locking system, its detaching ability and quick release buckles. Now we provide the saddle bag come with a quick release buckle that allows locking with a plastic key. This really is a neat function in order to keep somebody from walking up and opening your buckles.

 We want to guarantee that the bags will never ever sag even a little bit. That is why we first make hard bodies and lids, and attaches them with a hinge. This process is certainly costly and takes more time, but it enables us to create a truly shape retaining saddlebags that will never sag.

1- Full metal frame: In addition to the hard body the bags are further strengthened by a complete Metal frame that is powder coated in black.

The back is stitched ith heavy duty machines.  Please do not forget our bags already have a hard body. This addition to the back Make them super Reinforced. All the thread used in this process is Root proof and extremely durable.

As one rule goes, “We are the options we create.” During a day, we create a number of options. We make a decision that what we have to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1. Pockets or Studs

While deciding on saddlebags, there are also models with studs or pockets from which you can select. Although studs are just used for decoration, because of them your saddlebags may give a great look. Next, pockets can supply a way to easily access items which you should utilize usually.

2. Large or small

We provide you what you exactly want.large small all are your own options.

 Saddlebags Cleaning Products

It is not so hard to take a good care of your bag just to give it a time to time polish and also day to day care can be proved its long-lasting life.

 Our designed saddle bags have so many qualities that surely overcoming all your needs.


  • Distinctive  V twin styling
  • Large capacity in a compact size over 1400sq. inches per bag
  • Includes Alloy Tech Brackets
  • Easy access push button lock that can be opened while sitting on the bike
  • Works with most quick release back rests
  • Standard and metric application



*Large & LB

Med-Large &MLB



OVERALL Measure of Core Including Material(no pad)

Diameter ”  x  Length “

Core Only Outside Diameter






Core Only Inside Diameter






Core Wall Thickness






Core Circumference






Core Length






Core Weight

 6.0 lbs

4.5 lbs


3.5 lbs

2.5 lbs

Cubic Inches






Cubic Feet






Liquid Quarts












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