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We all are aware of the durability and usefulness of leather. From shoe to hat leather accessories are well known to us. Hence things are clear but there find ambiguity when someone asks you the types of leather and you point only stick on sheep and goat.

Leather is the subject in which the vast knowledge is available if you are willing to explore this particular category. From where we get it, the process to make it enable to work on, the stuff to be chosen to wear and in such particular stuff for different accessories which are beneficial?

Definitely the leather use to make cars seats cover is not the same you can use to wear as jacket or pant. Such research leads us to know in which field which leather kind of leather is useful and what makes more utility and what brings more style. Here we claim that what we have is we sell with style.

From the time of hunting the man’s first thing that he did was wearing deer skin as cloth so even our history gives us a thought provoking material to search about leather and its kind.

There are three major types of leather that is sold in the market today,

  • Full-grain,
  • Corrected-grain
  • Split leather

Full-grain leather has excellent quality and it is produced with lesser chemical treatments making it more natural and durable. With this type of leather the hair from the animal hide is removed but it is not sanded unlike other leathers. One of its amazing features is breathability making it best for jeans and jackets. Also, it becomes more beautiful, softer and comfortable over time. Different types of footwear are also made from this type of leather such as athletic shoes, cowboy boots and style shoes.

Corrected-grain is a type of leather is produces through the sanding of the top layer of the hide, where hair and skin imperfections are found. This is usually recognized through its artificial surface or an enhanced grain, painted with an intensely pigmented finish or stamped and printed with a particular pattern. It usually has a synthetic feel when touched due to its thick coating.

Split leather is produced from the hide’s fibrous section. This type of leather is commonly used to make suede leather, used in bags, accessories and shoes. It is also has an artificial layer applied on its surface, and then it is pressed to produce a pattern. Moreover it is found as mixing of polyester with it. So we can call it not even semi natural but a blend of natural and artificial leather.

Here you can see the major types but when we discuss we surely tell you prone and cons of it. The other types are not so common but exist simply as it is not the world of some well known personalities but the ordinary men also exist here

  • Buckskin
  • Patent leather
  • Shagreen
  • Deerskin.

Buckskin leather makes use of brains of animals in the tanning process.

Patent leather is made with a plastic coating giving it a significantly glossy look.

 Shagreen is made from stingray skin and usually used for furniture.

Deerskin is very tough and valued for coats, handbags and other accessories.

You surely have listened about the pure and semi-pure leather stuff but let me drag your attention towards such a mixture solution/compound that consist a very little amount of leather but at the end of the day it is categorized as leather.

  • By- cast leather
  • Bonded leather

Leather commonly used in making specialty items such as bags, belts and wallets are called nappa and belting leather.

Some leathers are also classified according to the type of tanning method used.

  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • Chromed- tanned leather
  1. Aldehyde-tanned leather
  • synthetic tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using materials from vegetables. This type of leather is not water resistant and it can change when placed in water. The color of the leather may fade and if it is left for long hours in water it may harden and loose it flexibility and suppleness.

 Other type is the chromed-tanned leather. This type of leather is tanned with the use of chromium sulfate. It is much better than vegetable tanned leather because it does not change in water.

Leather tanned using aldehyde is called aldehyde-tanned leather. This type of leather is white in color and is usually used for baby shoes and automobiles.

 Leathers that are tanned with aromatic polymers are called synthetic tanned leather while those that are tanned using aluminum salts are called alum-thawed leather.

All the references are given for semi-natural leather but here we define the qualities and some of characteristics of the pure- natural leather that is directly from the skin of different animal.

  • Cowhide
  • Lambskin
  • Horsehide
  • Goatskin
  • Sheepskin

Cowhide is the most common leather used to make jackets because it is durable, easy to care for, and resistant to water and dirt. Its tough qualities are especially prized by motorcycle riders and police officers. Cowhide is affordable and functional.

Lambskin is very soft, luxurious leather. Fashion designers prefer its naturally light weight and velvety touch. It finishes beautifully, has a soft hand, and drapes well. With a little extra care, lambskin is very wearable and is the ultimate luxury.

Horsehide is rugged enough for military wear. That’s why the Army Air Corps used it for the famous clothing .Our Italian-tanned horsehide is supple and comfortable, but still tough enough for a military jacket.

Goatskin is perfect jacket leather because it is durable as well as supple, soft to the touch, and very comfortable to wear. Goatskin jackets last so long they are passed down from generation to generation. We’ve seen goatskin jackets that look even better after 50 years of wear than they did when new. Both the Navy and Air Force use goatskin for their G-1 and A-2 flight jackets.

Sheepskin is found as soft wool shaped leather which is undoubtedly used for hats foot-stool and seat covers. Mostly baby rugs are made up of it. The best quality that gives it a breakthrough for most usage is that it is flame resistant.nad even medically approved as use in cure of ulcer technology.