How to find Clothing Manufacturer ?

Taking the initiative with clothing line, the next step is to find a manufacturing partner and finding the manufacturer domestically or abroad, you are to search now by below tracks.

Directories/ B2B Marketplaces:

There are data available in summarized form called directories which can be best bet for casting a wide net. In these easily available and complied set of information, some of the larger directories contain hundreds or thousands of potential manufacturer/factories which can provide you widespread source of required details for your mind.

These can be in either form available online or in printed forms. Many of them can be out dated or of low quality. However, it has always been a great source consolidating manufacture profiles.

Some examples are

  • Alibaba
  • IndiaMart
  • Kompass

Online Sources:


If you want to dig deep and work hard to find manufacturers, Google has plenty of data for your searching process.

But it is also followed by some hectic or time wasting material as many factories of manufacturer do a poor job by just updating websites timely as using modern times sources of sponsored ads and recommendations , it can totally mislead or bright paint the dark sides.

It can even be time taking falling for 20-30 pages in Google to reach the desired results. In those cases you can filter your inputs by searching the particular family for clothing items  Apparel manufacturer, T shirts Manufacturer or Gloves maker etc.

Local Library or Chamber of industry:

Yes! Libraries do exist and still exist having some excellent resources for helping you out in finding factories or manufacturer. Similar is that a manufacturer directory is maintained with every local chamber of commerce and industry, containing accurate information with complete contact details. But it requires libraries or chamber membership.

Many of these directories are simply available in markets but these are too expensive for an average entrepreneur. That is why free access to these can be availed through libraries.

Tradeshows/Expos/ Exhibitions:

Tradeshows are the golden opportunities to know potential manufacturing partners and even the exhibitors list is a great source of filtered available information.

  • Sourcing at Magic
  • DG Expo
  • Indigo
  • Texworld Usa

Local Fashion Schools/Incubators:

Local fashion schools and incubators have good relations with many manufacturers and use their services on daily basis. Their fashion assignments are done on regular basis. Thus the connections are reliable from incubators. By visiting local fashion houses/schools and institution, contacts and reference can be made.

Not importantly visit, but by writing them, or calling them can also bring about referrals to local manufacturers.


Not all the time entrepreneur work with big lots but sometimes there are small orders. In this case you should hit a few bunches of dead ends i.e. can use your contacts who can recommend you those fulfilling your small order requirements.

The fact is contacts can also be proven as great help in sharing their experiences and even help to get closer in finding perfect clothing manufacturing partner.

Short List options:

After completing research it is the time to list down the potential factories to work with. This list can help you in getting some samples and that can help you your potential partner in selecting from a few samples.  The potential manufacturer not only is for your product needs but his positive approach can help you in setting shipping cost too. For examples, he will not earn free samples cost out of shipping cost.


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