1. Where is our location?
    Our manufacturing facilities are situated in China, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  2. Do we offer a catalog of our products?
    Yes, we do provide a catalog for our products. You can find our catalog policy by visiting this link: Catalog Policy
  3. What materials do we have available?
    We offer an extensive range of materials including fabrics, accessories, synthetics, and leathers. We also customize material selections based on the specific requirements of our customers.
  4. Do we create samples?
    Certainly, we offer sample creation services.
  5. What are the production timelines for sample and bulk orders?
    Production timelines vary depending on factors such as product type, specifications, and order volumes. Typically, the production time for a sample order is around 3 weeks. Similarly, the production time for bulk orders is also approximately 3 weeks. This timeline remains consistent for orders ranging from 1 to 1000 pieces. For our valued regular customers, the turnaround time is efficiently managed within a range of 15 to 18 days, and in certain cases, it can even be expedited to as little as 10 days. This expedited process is made possible by our dedicated production chains that are exclusively reserved for these customers. This approach ensures uninterrupted production, with our skilled teams consistently engaged in stitching. Additionally, by maintaining a strategic inventory of materials specifically for our regular customers, we can further streamline the process, potentially reducing the turnaround time to as few as 8 days.
  1. Why is the cost of samples higher compared to bulk production per unit?
    Sample creation is a specialized and time-consuming process. While a production team can efficiently produce a large number of units in a day, creating samples involves more attention and effort, often resulting in the production of only one or two pieces per day. This disparity in production efficiency contributes to the relatively higher cost of samples, primarily due to increased labor costs.
  2. How are product prices determined?
    Product prices are influenced by various factors, including the type of product, specifications, and order volumes.
  3. Which courier services are utilized for parcel delivery?
    We exclusively employ reputable and tracked courier services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD, DTDC, Skynet, and DPEX for sending parcels. To ensure reliable and secure delivery, we refrain from using non-branded courier services or post offices, as these options may occasionally lead to parcel losses.

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